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Aptitude Associates is a general contractor licensed in Florida and Texas. As a certified MBE (minority-owned business enterprise), our team serves local and state governmental agencies as well as private project owners to deliver commercial kitchen new construction, renovation, and equipment installation services.

Proudly Serving the State of Florida




Aptitude Associates provides Florida’s school districts, privately-funded entities and municipalities with commercial kitchen construction and remodeling services that help project owners meet their goals with expert consulting, professional equipment installation and high-quality construction deliverables.

With decades of collective experience serving Florida project owners, our team has a reputation for delivering the results our clients expect, without compromise, no matter the size or scope of the project.

Florida Public Education

Many of Florida’s public education institutions are several decades old, designed and built for much smaller student bodies. With exponentially growing populations, these small schools struggle to adequately function to serve student bodies that are now twice or more the size of what they averaged three, four or five decades ago, leading to longer lunch lines, inadequate space and insufficient time to eat once food is obtained.

Aptitude knows that proper nutrition and socialization are crucial components of the learning process, and our team is passionate about improving the quality of the mealtime experience for students in every grade from K-12. We work with school districts across the state of Florida to provide turnkey foodservice space & equipment upgrades that elevate the educational experience so that students can get the most from the instruction they’re provided before and after mealtime.

Project Owners in Florida

Businesses of all sizes open, expand and move every day. While many people think that they’re limited to the existing structure of the building, Aptitude destroys that notion with our expertise, creativity and skill, which we utilize to completely transform spaces to create a totally custom commercial kitchen that perfectly meets the needs of the business.

Whether the project is new construction, a remodel or simply an equipment upgrade, public and private business entities across sectors throughout Florida have come to trust Aptitude Associates to listen and assess their needs, identify possible solutions as well as potential roadblocks, and present a design plan and equipment suggestions that best fit the bill for each unique business. We serve higher education institutions, municipalities, restaurants, assisted living facilities, country clubs and many other types of businesses that incorporate a commercial kitchen.

Proudly Serving the State of Texas

Texas kitchen contractor



Aptitude’s Texas team provides a full range of commercial kitchen construction and renovation services. From custom-built serving lines & dining furniture and kitchen equipment installation to ground-up builds and rebuilds, our team is ready to deliver our professional services. We work closely with project owners across the sector to help identify and execute the best solutions for each unique project.

Texas Public Education

It’s well known that “everything is bigger in Texas,” a saying that extends to the size of the student bodies as well as the cafeterias that feed them. Some high schools in Texas strongly resemble a mall food court, with Subway, Pizza Hut and more available for purchase by students. Each of these food vendors has its own kitchen space and setup needs. Aptitude works with both the public school districts and the food vendors themselves to outfit their kitchens with the best equipment for the cuisine and the most optimal layout for streamlined workflows. Even for smaller schools with a traditional cafeteria, it’s crucial to utilize the most useful equipment and furniture to ensure food safety, efficiency in both cooking and serving, and a comfortable environment for students to consume their meals.

Texas Project Owners

For operations that incorporate food service, it’s crucial that the meal preparation is properly facilitated with the right equipment and intuitive traffic patterns as well as streamlined serving processes and comfortable dining furniture. Meal service in facilities of all types, including private schools, colleges and universities, assisted living facilities, catering kitchens and much more, has universal requirements as well as those unique to the type of establishment, and Aptitude is well-educated and experienced working with each and every one. For commercial kitchen construction, renovation and equipment installation, Aptitude Associates is the number one choice for project owners across the state of Texas. Our reputation of diligence, attention to detail and high-quality workmanship precede us, and many of our clients find us via word of mouth and referrals. For expert commercial kitchen construction and remodeling services, give Aptitude Associates a call today.

Nothing is more important to us than providing top-quality construction services that will enable commercial kitchen owners to meet their objectives, whether that includes efficiently feeding several hundred students twice per day, catering to many special diet requirements or maintaining a steady flow of concessions to crowds of 10k or more. Our design, build and equipment installation aims to help you meet these goals and more.

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